Dinner- Fast and furious

I don’t always have the dinner plan, or have planned ahead enough to know what everyone is eating, when they are eating it. Or what. So I have a back up dinner hidden away in the pantry for me. It’s becoming more of a staple menu item though- hmm.. 

That way everyone else can have tacos and I can have my other dinner- or whatever.

I cook on a “sort of” rotation basis and throw half of it in ziplock containers into the freezer for later. That way there is usually some pizza sauce, chicken and rice or lasagna to choose from for dinners when I don’t want to cook. And now that it’s spring (although it did snow today!) the cook-out season has started.

I made a really yummy pork loin on the grill the other night… hmmm- another post about that I suppose.

Anyway, for my fast and furious dinner- I round up a pre-cooked curry food in a pouch from India Kitchens (thank you Whole Foods) and saute some onion and garlic in a bit of oil until browned and then toss in whatever veggie is still around the fridge- zucchini is fine, maybe some bamboo shoots, and shredded spinach leaves are fantastic. Whatever you like or happen to have on hand, really. The curry is spicy, so I throw it over some rice and there is dinner. Hot- fast and tasty. The package is 2 and half servings, so I just save the rest for either lunch or dinner the next day. *poof* fast food.


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