Stupid Wheat

Why are the Keebler Elves trying to kill me?

I go for months not caring (really) whether I ate any crackers or not… but open a fresh box of salted garlic and herb crackers near me? and, well, I ate one. ONE! for pete’s sakes, and you’d think by the amount of itching that I am going through now that I had eaten the whole box.

Stupid wheat allergy. Tolerence levels have definately changed. Or maybe it’s just that I know the reason for the itching now.

Whatever. I am sick of it.

Cross contamination of my kitchen has to stop. At this point, because I don’t know what else to do about it really, I make “my food” and package it away in the freezer- whole batches of food all sorted out into 1/2 cup containers. Then if they want tacos,  I know that the tortillas aren’t mixed up in dusting my dinner with flour for that night. The trouble now comes from that I am doing the cooking of their wheat laced foods, and I think I am reacting to that sometimes too.


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