Oats are out!

Oh. my. goodness. No. Not ever.

I can’t eat oats ever again… or wheat apparently… or whatever else it is on “the” list.

Yikes. “Challenge wheat for 7 days” says the doctor for the upcoming test on Monday. My first reaction was”are you crazy? it makes me sick!” then I thought about it.. sure, okay fine… screw up my intestines one more time for old times sakes… let them find all the stupid damage they want to find and *poof*, I’ll be a certified celiac. Gimmeeeeeee a break. I already know all gluten makes me feel totally out of whack – so lets prove it on a test. fine. whatever.

I tried to sneak some gluten into my day at home and actually… there isn’t any here. I have cleaned out the cupboards so well that we only had a loaf of wheat bread. Not noodles, not cookies, not anything recognizable as “test wheat”. So I went out.

Yes. so I went out for a gluten laden lunch yesterday. Ate the whole extra large sandwich. Immediately felt unwell.

Scarfed down a handful of those yummy new Cheetos crackers. Wow are they good with all their yummy MSG, dairy, wheaty goodness. Actually, I can’t believe I used to eat this stuff.

As I TRIED to fall asleep last night, I could feel the burning -actually painful- intestines churning away at the garbage that I had eaten. ::::sigh:::: yeah, I need a test to tell me this is bad for me.

 And then, to further punish myself….I had oatmeal for breakfast- and I felt like I needed to throw up.  (Note: UPDATE: the “gluten free” oats also made me violently ill when attempted in July. At least I tried the alternative oats too. :::::::::sigh::::::: good thing WF is nice about returns!)

Really disturbing couple of days actually. I finally ate some vegetables this afternoon to chase out the other gluten laced things. I hope I feel better tonight.

Bleah. I hope they find a billion flattened villi on Monday. My luck, though, it will be “questionable results”.

I don’t think I can stand the excitement.

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