There are cookbooks and websites to help you put all kinds of extra nutrition into your everyday food. But Christmas cookies? Are you kidding?

Nope. If it looks like a cookie, and tastes like a cookie. Then it must be a cookie. End of story. Well.. almost. I am trying to boost the nutritional rating of EVERYTHING even remotely “foodlike” in this house. If it’s not useful… why are we eating it? And just where is all that recommended level of fiber supposed to come from everyday? Gotta sneak it in everywhere to get that much.

So, today I used some flour for the cookies that has 6g of protein in with the white rice flour that has 0g (that would be ZERO grams) of protein. As well as using flax meal in place of the eggs, there’s some fiber content.      Hmmm.. which cookie do I feel better about eating myself, and letting the kids have all they want to? hmmm.. It’s CHRISTMAS!! let them have cookies!! (even the healthy ones).

Mwah.ha. ha.  It goes something like this…..


Kids: Can we please, please, please,please have some cookies?

Me: .. hmmm… well… oh, alright.


Me: Mwah. ha. ha.


Oh yes. It’s Christmas… let them have all the (healthy) cookies (with protein and fiber) that they want to. LOL


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