New Year’s Resolution

Hmmm…. last year the resolution was to eliminate all High Fuctose Corn Syrup from my pantry- kitchen – life.  It wasn’t easy, took a lot of label reading, but we don’t miss it. AT ALL.  The day I threw out a whole garbage bag full of products was disheartening… but we either found replacements, or have just done without whatever it was.

The weirdest part is that when you get ahold of some food substance that has HFCS in it… it tastes kinda weird. 

So… what to do this year for a NYR? hmmmm…..

.. think think think…. I think the bento box project was the main thing that kept life fun this year amid all it’s distractions…so I will definately continue that. Of course there is the always popular “lose some weight” resolution… but that is sort of a done deal… I think for me, it’s going to be “how can I keep the weight on?”  from now on…. I have the diet thing figured out. I know that I am eating exactly what I am supposed to be eating… so… with some added slight effort… I should lose that next 10 pounds with no worries.

I need to keep thinking about this… good thing I have a few days.


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