Pea soup

Not only are the clouds blanketing the whole neighborhood as “thick as pea soup” … I made some too, with the leftover ham from Christmas dinner.

There is no recipe- other than throw it in there and wait an hour. The general idea is to brown a chopped onion in a tablespoon of oil, with 3 cloves of chopped garlic. Then chop up some ham and throw that on in there too to warm up and stew around and get all steamy with the onions. Then I added 4 cups of dried split green peas, covered them with water and tossed in about a cup of chicken broth that was left in the fridge. I know.. I know.. measurements! please!. Sorry. not this recipe. It just seems to figure itself out. I also cubed a large potato and tossed it in. I grated a large carrot into the soup for color – and it cooked so much it disappeared. Great if you are trying to hide carrots in their food I guess.  Not so great, if you are going for some color contrast. Oh well. It’s thick and soupy. And it goes really well with the “wonder bread” shaped and baked like biscuits.

mmmmmm. winter soup and rolls.  Now I need a nap.


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