Best Ever! leftovers

When they tell you that it was “OMG -SO GOOOOOOOD!”, and they ask for thirds, then  you know you are on to something. And this particular dish I did not slave over, chop anything or worry about substituting ingredients. wow. okay then. As long as it’s gluten free, you can have some. so01659_And like it? that’s a bonus.

Noodles that are delicious even

1/2 bag of Tinkyada brand fusili noodles (the twisty ones)

Boil a pan of water. Add noodles, put cover on the pan and turn off the burner. Let the noodles sit for 12 minutes in the hot water.

Drain the noodles and then

add 3/4 of a jar of “CLASSICO” brand Tomato and Sweet Basil pasta sauce. Stir and serve. Apparently sprinkling on some parmesan cheese is also good.

Go figure.


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