Mix It Up

My new strategy for a fast solutions to some things….is to store mixes of the dry ingredients to my favorite recipes in glass canning jars. I write on the jar with a sharpie marker:

  • what the mix is
  • a list of what other ingredients are needed to make the recipe
  • the temperature to bake it at

This way I am not endlessly dragging out 5 kinds of flour to make each and everything every day. A little more work on the front end, makes life lots more easy on the back end.  I suppose a ziplock bag works too. I just like the jars that fit in my cupboard.

Then when someone wants brownies? Quick work and there you go. The jar of premeasured stuff gets dumped into the bowl just exactly like a cake mix from a box would. Less hassle. Better food. Love that part. And you can be sure of what is in that mix instead of hoping that the label is truthful.

The sharpie marker writing washes off in the dishwasher, so you can reuse the jars for any recipe. so01659_ I heart recycling.


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