Real Bread – Take two

It is fabulous. I am telling you, it’s real bread. I can’t stand it. I am completely sure that if you don’t understand my excitement, that you can buy bread at any store you please.  Being able to buy convience food of any sort has gone by the wayside here.

I have gone without sliced bread for YEARS, people. Simply and flat-out years.

This is amazing. I am in awe.


Gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free.. and I love it. I heart bread.

I am totally having a sandwich for lunch. ahhhhhhhhhh.

So now we have three options in the bread category. I am so happy : )

1.) wonder dough to make breadsticks, pizza crust, calzones, filled dumplings, rolls, sandwich buns, roly-poly buns and cinnamon rolls, and whatever….

2.) sliced bread with this real bread option recipe

and 3.) the flax seed bread that is so great as buns, or flat bread

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