The recipe for Hotdish is easy.

Food ingredients, combined and baked. That’s pretty much the whole deal on Hotdish.

Making hotdish (aka “casserole”) into something recognizable and still GLUTEN-FREE is more of a nightmare than I imagined that it would be .. mostly because cream of mushroom soup (a standard ingredient) is loaded with wheat flour.

The replacement C.O.M. soups are just not the same. I even tried making that creamy mushroomy goodness from scratch. I came pretty close. Just not close enough to fool even me. Darn it. Although basic creamy gravy is a standby.

So. This is what I am working with.

Basic Hotdish recipe 1-2-3

  • 1. Choose: Noodles, rice or potatoes
  • 2. Add: meat of some sort
  • 3. Combine it all together with: Cream of mushroom soup, other soup,  or tomato sauce
  • And then top it off with something crunchy on top, tater tots, crispy bread crumbs, crumbled rice chex cereal, … something like that.

And bake. And serve.


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