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And so we tried the Brownie Mix

Yep, that Betty Crocker has been BUSY. Boxing up all those GF mixes of cake and you know then, that we HAD to try the brownies. Right? right. It only seemed fair.

$10 for two mixes is ree-dic-u-lous, however. But I am not extravagant in my other spending right now, so it seemed like cheap entertainment. Pan of brownies, vs. the movies. Brownies win. It’s cheaper. And yummier, and I can watch a movie I already own.

The mixes are beautifully packaged, I will give them that.

I went to the BC website and used the “no butter” instructions. Seems to be working out just fine.

I so less than three brownies.



Gluten Free Cake Mix-review

Betty Crocker’s gluten free offerings finally hit the shelf in my neighborhood. We were so excited to see this:gluten free cake
We tried the yellow cake mix after trying to choose between cake and brownies.

The cake
(with frosting)  won.

I made the mix with flax egg  replacement and the butter replaced with coconut oil. That makes the resulting cake -vegan- and has the added advantage of not stirring up any of my allergic reactions.

The resulting “cake” was pretty good. The flavor gets a 3 on a scale of 5, but I think it’s because I didn’t put in enough vanilla.

So the verdict on buying GF cake mixes off the shelf? Nah. It comes down to the part where it’s four times the cost for the same results. It was just “okay”. Not spectacular. And certainly not four times better than what we already do for “cake” here at cabbagenets.  I have to say, though, being able to open a box and not having to measure everything out was fun.

The off the shelf mix makes an 8 x 8 pan of cake, or 12 cupcakes. This will be fine if I need it in a pinch to take somewhere. Maybe good to have on hand for emergencies… but I won’t keep it on my shelf as a staple item. I won’t pay $3 extra for the box. I can’t eat the pretty box.

Just sayin.