Plan Ahead

I am busy. Crazy busy. And keeping everyone on track, on schedule and *FED* is a challenge in any kitchen with toddlers and teenagers who are hungry 24/7. Staying gluten free is critical for my family- so add that on as a bonus.

I spent one evening last week making enough pancake mixes to last us awhile. Stacked them all neatly in the pantry. I love that.

Adding all the dry ingredients to each jar in an assembly line sort of fashion, and labeling the outside with whatever was still missing, the milk, the egg, etc. I also add any notes as to what temp it needs to be baked at for example, if needed.

  • Wide mouth canning jars, with lids and bands  – pint sized jars work fine, and a quart sized jar will hold a double recipe just perfectly.
  • Sharpie marker – for labeling the jars
  • Ingredients for this recipe:  Pancakes

This way, when we want pancakes for dinner (yes dinner) I just dump the premixed dry ingredients, add the other stuff quick and mix it all up in the trusty Kitchen-aid mixer. I can have pancakes on the table in no time at all without having to  drag out all the bins of flour and retrieve all the xanthan gum and whatever.

Of course , cooking up the entire batch and the letting them all cool off on wire racks, I put the leftovers in the freezer for fast snacks, and breakfast on the go.

Can we have PANCAKES? yes, of course you can.

*NOTE* I try to make at least one more jar ahead of whatever I am finding myself measuring out for a recipe…. cookies, waffles, brownies, bread dough.. that way the next one is dump and mix!  Spending an afternoon measuring out  a bunch of them ahead is a time saver for me, I also tend to not spend as much time (and money) at the store trying to figure out what to make and what gluten free pre-made mix to try. I have my own!


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