Weird obsession with Bento Boxes

What is the deal with wanting my food to be in a fun container? IDK.. but I do. It might be the same stupid thing I have had for three days straight, but if it’s in a new container? yeah, I am easy like that. Easily amused.

I started looking for “fun” things to put my food in…found a few… and now the collection is taking over my kitchen. I really need to either reduce my collection, or buy a bigger house. I wonder which will happen first?

The criteria for my lunch/snack containers is this:

a.) it must be able to be run through the dishwasher – no exceptions.

b.) it must be cute in some way – design, stackable, color, whatever

and 3.) I have to like it.

What would be the point (really?) of eating food that may be in a container I hate? Or worse, in a ziplock baggie. ewwww.  The food may be boring as anything, but the surprise of getting to open it never gets old.

Here is a photo of some of the ones I use most. There are some from the trip to Japantown in SanFranciso, and one I found at a toy store. The clear ones are “Lock and Lock” brand which I always grab up in all sorts of sizes at Ross… and there are some Tupperware ones in the mix too. Anything that works.? Works.


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