Lunch *OUT*

Really? really. REALLY?! I would not have believed it if it hadn’t really happened. Like in a dream, I had a totally gluten free, safe lunch in a restaurant that knew what I was talking about when I ordered. And I didn’t have to just hope it would be okay.. it was okay.

I had a note go flying past in a recent email that mentioned the possibility of Jason’s Deli in some locations… having a gluten free option.. maybe. Sometime soon. They hoped.

We decided to test that theory.

Not only do they have the option…if you say GLUTEN FREE – they totally take it seriously. Knew what we were talking about, had a whole menu just for GF (be still my heart) and get this… changed gloves and made sure the workspace was clean before assembling my lunch. No way. Seriously? wow. <<— find one close to you!

I loved Jason’s Deli before… now they get my $$ for sure! Seriously, an amazing lunch. Made even more enjoyable because they got it. ❤

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