On the road, again


Travelling while gluten free?  It can be done. The prep work is worth the travel without incident. The horror stories of travel without the gluten free prep work are dreadful. You probably don’t want to know about the “incidents”. Not really. Trust me. Take your own snacks.

We could fly, and be there faster, but driving is easier because we can pack more of our own snacks. Must. have. snacks.

In the snack bag for this trip, so far:

  • Glutino’s Pretzel Twists
  • TraderJoes carmel corn
  • gummy bears
  • Chocolate Chex
  • EnviroKids Crispy Chocolate Rice bars
  • cocoa mix and mini marshmallows
  • Trail mix, GORP (good old raisins and peanuts)
  • fruit snacks

We will have a cooler with our lunch sandwiches and some fruit, we also have a case of bottled water, a roll of papertowels. Throw in some last minute gear and we are good to go!

Snack on!





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