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Hard Lemonade

Notice: Summer may now commence.

This blog post about Mike’s Lemonade reminded me about how much I like it.

I can’t drink beer because it gives me hives. This stuff I can drink!! and it’s delicious.

The cranberry lemonade is really tasty.



I poisoned my child. It was bound to happen. But I wasn’t expecting something so delicious to be so sinister.

Read. The. Labels. Check them twice, and even then, be suspicious. Gluten is evil. It lurks, it hides and when you least expect it… BAM!

There is a recipe from “the old days” called a 7 layer bar. The one layer we have never added was the walnut layer, so that has always been out, and even though we only had 6 layers we still called them “7 layer bars”.

Anyway… last week I found some gluten free graham cracker crumbs IN A BOX AT THE STORE!!!…and there was much rejoicing, as layer 2 is graham cracker crumbs.. and we can’t have those. I have attempted to make gluten free graham crackers before.. but finding them already to go, at the store? nice. Having to make a recipe, before you make a recipe is not the most fun.

So, we tossed in the layers one, two and three (chocolate chips) and gleefully sprinkled on the butterscotch chips and continued with layers (if you are still counting) five and six. Baked it all up!, cut into bars! and enjoyed. Wow, they were just like I remembered! all yummy and coconutty and chippy. Who doesn’t like a solid square of melty sugar covered in coconut? really.

And then the nasty headaches started. uh oh., and the digestive upset. yikes!, and then the heartburn and the continuing long list of weird gluten poisoning reactions that we get – including the itchy ears (which I really hate enough to keep me from ever cheating on this gluten free diet).

Where I went wrong: I had been so careful to see the gluten free on the box of graham cracker crumbs, that I missed the small print on the butterscotch chips. Yep. Artificial flavoring (includes barley malt). Says so right on the label.


Hopefully we can replace the (stupid, evil, poisonous) butterscotch chips with something just as yummy but safe.

Gluten free means = no wheat, no barley, no oats and no rye.

Read. the. label.

Coffee Cake

Get some of the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Bisquik and make some coffee cake. Now.

Here is the recipe from over at Betty’s house. I baked it in a 9 inch heavy Le Cruset baking pan, for 30 minutes, another 5 would have been fine too. Next time I may try layering the batter and topping in muffin cups and see if that might work too.

Quick to mix up and bake.

Let it cool, slice and serve. It’s great for breakfast, brunch or dessert. Sliced peaches or berries (or a mix) on top would be very nice, and  a little whip cream on top makes it even (if that’s possible) yummier.

What a nice treat for everyone!

Let them eat cake.