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GF Rice Krispies- FOUND!

yep. They are as good as I remembered.

aaaaaah. Rice Krispie Treats are safe again.



Are you new here?

Going gluten-free is not for the faint of  heart. Don’t do it unless you are serious about it. It’s a LOT of hassle to remember what you can and can’t have.  Make a list.

My advice is to get rid of everything in the pantry and start over. And if you are sharing a kitchen with gluten eaters, keep your food SEPARATE! – label it, find a new shelf. You don’t want their peanut butter knife in your peanut butter. You don’t. Really.

I have converted recipes right and left to make everything that I loved and couldn’t have any more. Most of them are posted around in this blog somewhere. …

Here are the recipes that I am using the most this summer:

PANCAKES                 WAFFLES

Chocolate COOKIES                    BERRY COBBLER