Looks normal. Tastes normal. I don’t know… it must be a pizza.  Seems so easy, but let me tell you about  the years without pizza. Eating other safe food while the rest of the family had pizza for dinner… yeehaw. Grateful for my health, yes, but so sad to not be able to enjoy “normal” family menus.

I am changing that. They now eat GF. They probably don’t even know that.. it’s just food. But to me, it’s SAFE food. Big difference.

I still have to assemble it… but it’s pretty close to not even having to cook. Don’t get me wrong… I love to cook, but sometimes there  just needs to be a quick solution. There is no take-out option for gluten free food. Sad but true. Last month I was treated to some gluten free pizza at a real pizza restaurant. Nice try pizza guys, but I would rather eat this. This is cheaper, and tastier. Awesome.

No real prep- just quick layer and bake.


  • Udi’s frozen pizza crust
  • Classico sauce- from a jar
  • grated cheese
  • Hormel pepperoni
  • sliced roma tomato

Baked at 375 until done, probably 10-12 minutes


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