Go to DisneyWorld – TWGF

TWGF  ..Traveling While Gluten Free .. not my most favorite thing to do, like not at all. I don’t like to have to plan all the groceries,  haul all the groceries and every snack we might need, and every utensil and every- everything. Can I do it? Yes, and I am good at it, all the planning and sorting and packing and snacking. I just would like to go back to the old days when I didn’t have to. ::: sigh ::: oh well.

So— anyway—- we ended up at Disney World for three days kind of  at the last minute, and kind of with not a lot of planning (and prepacking and whatnot). I could have, should have, and just decided to pack light and force myself to think outside the box when I got there. (not for the faint of heart- but it worked out fine this time)

Things that made the trip work:

  • Whole Foods at exit 74, I-4 towards Orlando
  • Kitchenette in the hotel room- fridge, microwave
  • BABYCAKES- NYC located now in “Downtown Disney” – um, yes please! a dedicated gluten free bakery? hello yes.
  • iPhone app for iBooks, that was a reader for several pdf files containing the list of Disney quick service restaurants that have GF items so that I could refer to them while we were walking around the parks.
  • Disney quick service restaurants that have GF items…. OMG… if you do this.. ask for the manager, tell them you have an allergy (boy, do they take this seriously) to GLUTEN and they bring out this giant notebook that has every ingredient listed in the things that particular restaurant offers (they aren’t all the same) – the manager will order the food by calling the kitchen and they make your meal SEPARATELY ….. and…. then the manager and chef bring you your meal, not the servers. It was amazing. It did take longer to get the meal.. typically 10-15 minutes longer than the standard foods they had.  So, if you do this, try to eat meals in “off hours”, say lunch at 2 instead of noon. The crowds have disappeared and the food arrived much faster.
  • Take snacks in your bag, for when you are sort of snackish, but don’t want a whole meal. I have to say though, that I was really impressed with the amount of fresh fruit offerings on the snack stands throughout the parks. I took some prepackaged snacks, and a bottle of water with me, worked out fine.

EAT AT PIZZA PLANET!!!!! (from the movie TOY STORY!!!)  located at Disney Hollywood Studios- they have the Amy’s rice crust, and will make it plain or with pepperoni, or with veggies on top.

EAT AT COSMIC RAY’S!!!!! – in Tomorrowland – omg, we ate here twice. Super delicious GF buns for the hamburgers. Terrific!

EAT AT THE HARBOR HOUSE!!! – in Liberty Square, tucked away around the corner on the way to Fantasyland.  The chicken tenders were AMAZING and the fries were great!



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