My brother lives in wine country, in California.  Tough life, it’s so amazingly beautiful there.  Anyway, so I tend to dial him up when I am in the wine store, trying to decide what on earth to buy. Good lord, there is a range of wine in those stores. Whatever should I choose? Go with the cheap? Go with the expensive? Go with the local (to my brothers’ house) and hope for the best?

I got some potentially obnoxious news today,  and I prefer to dull the pain of the not knowing with wine. Chardonnay specifically. Sue me. The news of what is, or isn’t, will reveal itself tomorrow, and I shall deal with it then. Until then, I shall enjoy my ridiculously expensive Chardonnay.  (Did I mention that it was e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e  yet?  egads.  There goes the budget. ooOOooooh well.

I WILL absolutely enjoy myself for one last day, before the level of what I have to do vs. what I want to do is listed out for me by other people. Yes, I will.

For the record, the cheap stuff is generally just as delicious as the really expensive stuff. Need a recommendation? go with what is on sale.

Yeah, it’s like that. I am pretty bossy, but trust me on this, unless it’s an amazing celebration occasion– go with the cheaper stuff. It’s not that different for the price.

HOWEVER. This is a special occasion. One that requires special attention (to ME) and perhaps some level of “good” over “whatever” that I usually employ when making my final choices at the wine store.

Cheers. … and good luck with that.


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