Avoid the NY-NY Pizza

Yeah. Well. We tried to go out for dinner, thought it might be fun to try a new place because I had heard that they have gluten free pizza. /not exactly in my neighborhood, but we were over on that side of town anyway.

We don’t get to eat out much because it’s just to hard, but we went.

The experience went from weird, to yucky, to just plain gross.

In the plus column:

  • They serve GF pizza – medium size with choice of topping for $9.99
  • They serve Coke products (thank you)
  • The waiter explained that the GF pizza is cooked seperately and takes longer and that they use separate utensils for everything.
  • The sauce was delicious.


that’s were the good news stops.

  • The waiter then, still tried to sell us on the idea of ordering  some pizza sticks while we waited, and cookies for dessert. Dude. really? You don’t get the GF thing at all then. Red flag.
  • The toppings were in the smallest possible amounts, 4 slices of pepperoni on a pizza? really? Oh, come on!  There are more toppings on the pizzas I get from the frozen section at the supermarket. Skimpy toppings? gee thanks.
  • Why spend the extra effort to cook it separately and then serve on the regular pizza pans? hello.
  • There was a hair in one of the pizzas. Goodbye appetite. Gross.
  • The chicken on the “chicken-mushroom” pizza looked like slices of chicken jerky we give the dog… and the meat smelled old, and was just gross. We picked that off.
  • The crust was less than okay, sort of doughy- tasted kind of chalky. The outside edge was okay, but the middle was still raw. Ew.
  • The menus were g-r-o-s-s / covered in sticky food bits and god only knows. It’s a plastic cover, wipe it down.
  • The floors were gross. Who sweeps up in this place? ew.

Really, super random and as it turns out not gluten free, gluten free meal.

They tried. They failed.

Bottom line is we won’t go back.




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