Chili-Cheese Dog

Oh, okay it’s like that then. Chili-Cheese Dogs for supper tonight!! Do you want your’s with ketchup?, or are you a no0ooo-ketchup kinda person?

My regular grocery store (Kroger) has finally decided to stock SKYLINE Chili. Now that’s worth a look.
Skyline Chili

and it says… (drumroll please)…yep! : “Skyline’s grocery chili (canned and frozen) is gluten free.”

YAY! We usually go with the Hormel, or the local favorite Vietti’s… but this is gonna be good. Want one? Of course you do.

Chili Cheese Dogs

  • Applegate Farms hotdogs
  • Udi’s hotdog buns
  • Vietti Chili w/beans or SKYLINE CHILI!!!
  • grated cheese
  • Ketchup (optional)



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