LIES!! all lies

Here’s a quote from a recent interview that I found here : “If one has celiac disease, that pretty much means no bread, pasta, cake, pie or cereal. No cookies or crackers or candy. No sauce, dressing or breading”

 W HA  T~!!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? no. A thousand times no!!… there is no way on this planet that I am going without cookies. And there is no way on any other planet that I am raising my child without cookies. No. I refuse.

Why does this stupid line about “no bread, no cookies” get repeated endlessly. Why are they “dumbing down” the explanation for celiac?  It’s not as simple as “avoid bread”. geez.

If you are gluten intolerent, then don’t eat wheat(or products that contain gluten). Simple. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without bread or cookies!!! Far, far from it.  There are beyond adequate replacements that are completely accessible, and no, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Geez Louise.

If you feel like crap, stop eating crap. Pay attention.

And if you want a safe cookie, then bake it, or find one on the internet and order it, or just buy them off the shelf at the market down the road. They are out there, and they are delicious. You might have to (god forbid) plan ahead a little more than grabbing a pack of Oreos off the shelf at the gas station when you are feeling snackish, but come on.

:::sigh:::: Give me strength.  I may need to rant a little longer… completely ridiculous.




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