New to Gluten Free?

Hang on to your wallet. If you are new to gluten-free, it’s easy to spend waaaaay too much money on boxed food with labels that say GLUTEN FREE. That’s fine, but there is an easier way.

Cook.   Bake and make it yourself.

It’s tastier from your own kitchen anyway, but those pre-baked and processed boxes are handy in a pinch.

Stick to plain food. Think whole fruit- berries- potatoes-rice- plain meat. Use your crockpot. Really. Try to stay away from processed food-and sauces or mixes, as much as you can, and you will be on the right track. Call me if you want a menu plan based on whatever you are used to eating, I can help you make it safe for gluten free.. and my family loves my food, and not all of them are gluten-free, so there’s that. Plus, I learned to cook from my grandmother…so, you know it’s yummy. Who doesn’t love grandma’s cooking? Really.

Not all of my recipes are on this blog… so if you are looking for something, let me know!

Sugar cookies ….gotta have these…This is my favorite recipe. We make it several times a month. Freezes well. 

Wonder Dough ….I use this for everything… pizza, breadsticks, pretzels, etc

Bread ….real bread? yeah it’s possible. good with jam. Here’s one recipe.

Pancakes!! ….yes please

Chocolate Waffles .. uh.. yes.

Brownies …duh!


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