Monthly Archives: January 2016

Knit Something.

Anything. Just knit something.  Yes, just knit “something”.

I gifted myself a pair of handknit socks for Thanksgiving again this year. It’s an annual gift to myself for doing all the heavy lifting in the creation of an entire meal by myself in the tiniest kitchen. The turkey and the stuffing and the potatoes and the dressing and the cheese and olives and pickles and salads and rolls, and the gravy.

These socks are super great. I love them.  Handknit wool socks are my weakness, I suppose. And, I then I had some extra time in December so I ended up with a pair of socks that I finished on Christmas Eve. And now, two weeks later,  it’s my birthday…so, yes.. more socks. All the socks that I did have in my wardrobe were about 10 years old and starting to wear, tear, and sadly, they have begun to disappear, so the newest additions are very useful and welcome.

I bought some crazy yarn the other day, on sale,  that will end up in a cowl that I will wear until probably March, or whenever the stupid weather warms up again. Fashion- ha. I will go with handknits everytime.

The mittens that I wore on vacation this year were two years old. I suppose those need to be replaced soon as well. They haven’t worn out, I am just surprised that I haven’t lost one yet.

It’s a good thing that it’s winter so that I can spend some time getting all this done!  lol