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Chocolate Waffles

You will never go back. This recipe started when “all the other kids got waffles” and we didn’t … now we are the envy of them all… muhwahahahha. We can have waffles anytime we want to now, I freeze them … Continue reading

New to Gluten Free?

Hang on to your wallet. If you are new to gluten-free, it’s easy to spend waaaaay too much money on boxed food with labels that say GLUTEN FREE. That’s fine, but there is an easier way. Cook.   Bake and make … Continue reading

Are you new here?

Going gluten-free is not for the faint of  heart. Don’t do it unless you are serious about it. It’s a LOT of hassle to remember what you can and can’t have.  Make a list. My advice is to get rid … Continue reading

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

I bought some gluten free cookies in a box (off the shelf)  (at the real grocery store!!) the other day thinking that I deserved a treat. Well, they were expensive and didn’t taste very good at all. So much for … Continue reading

Bisquick? Seriously?

It’s here.. it’s here!! the actual box of actual gluten free “real” food from the “real” grocery store that can morph into “real” food type items that I used to eat??!?!?!? o.m.g. I CANNOT wait to make real bisquits.. and … Continue reading

Plan Ahead

I am busy. Crazy busy. And keeping everyone on track, on schedule and *FED* is a challenge in any kitchen with toddlers and teenagers who are hungry 24/7. Staying gluten free is critical for my family- so add that on … Continue reading