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Noodly-Noodles For Real




gfnoodlesWhen I switched to gluten free noodles, there were lots of trial and error meals with noodles that were all substandard. I bought rice noodles all over town, any store that had anything that was safe to cook, we tried. More often than not, we wondered why we thought we needed noodles back in our diets. We finally settled on the Tinkyada brand for anything “noodle”, and they are okay. They cook up well and hold their shapes and do whatever job a noodle needs to do… and frankly I am happy to have the option. It’s beginning to look a lot like mac and cheese season, and we need noodles!! But, they are still different enough that the gluten eaters in the house (that I still have to cook for) won’t touch the rice noodles. Well, they will eat them, they just aren’t real happy about the experience. Whatever.

Enter the Barilla brand gluten free pasta box into the noodle challenge.

Done. These are great noodles. They cook and look and taste just like “real” pasta. AND!!! The resident gluten eater said that if I hadn’t told him they were GF, that he wouldn’t have been able to tell.

Done. We have a new pasta brand!!! In. The. House. yay





Why is high fructose corn syrup in everything? and when did this happen?

Apparently because it’s cheap, and at some point in the 1980’s it started creeping into our food supply. Why is it in Ketchup? I don’t know. Shouldn’t that be tomatoes? maybe some spices? eww.  I remember old coke…. you know the kind with cane sugar from the olden days? yeah… good times, good times. Like when I wasn’t sick all the time from “lunch”

When I discovered the allergy to corn, I made a cruise through my kitchen and was shocked at what all it was in. I understand “corn” in cornmeal. But powdered sugar? Shouldn’t that just be sugar? apparently not.

So no wonder simple things like frosting make me sick. It’s full of corn and corn by-products and for what reason? Simply to make it easier to sell. And sell cheaply. Thank you wally world grocery market that sells everything so cheap. Who wants lumpy powdered sugar? The American consumer is spoiled and full of corn. Gross.

So now my kitchen is a wheat free- and soy free- and a HFCS free zone.

I have made my own baking powder in the past, but recently found a commercial corn-free version that seems fine so far.

Good thing I never liked grits.