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Pressure Cooker

Look out. I own a pressure cooker. It’s true. And I am crazy afraid of the thing. Also very true.  I only have it, because my mother-in-law insisted that I own one… how else was I going to make the perfect stew recipe? Honestly.

So, years (12) ago…. I bought a pressure cooker. And many recipes of the perfect stew were made. And I put it waaaaaaaay back in the cupboard one day because it scared me, and it hasn’t been seen since. (Seven years ago).


So recently, I stumbled upon an idea of soaking dry beans, and cooking them to perfection in a pressure cooker. “Hey, wait. I own one of those.”

Let the madness begin.  Early. I soaked 1 qt. of beans in hot-hot water for 4 hours. They expanded. Then I drained them and put them in the dreaded pressure cooker with filtered water and cooked them. I actually left the room and prayed the stupid thing wouldn’t blow up with beans in it.. but it all seems to have worked out just fine.

Super cheap to make, but the trade-off is time. Making the beans this way takes all day.  And for some reason, it took 3 large pots, 2 large bowls and a strainer, which of course all need to be washed now. So there is time consuming and the mess that you don’t get with just opening a can of ready cooked beans. Trade offs. Trade offs. This is healthier for sure since I am avoiding the metal can world as much as possible.

I used some for chili tonight, and the rest will be morphed into refried beans or maybe a salad or something.

In case you need a chili recipe, I used this one, more or less. and obviously used my pressure cooker beans in place of the canned beans that are listed. Apparenly, a rainy day equals chili for dinner at our house.  Yep, it’s raining today.     : )