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Noodly-Noodles For Real




gfnoodlesWhen I switched to gluten free noodles, there were lots of trial and error meals with noodles that were all substandard. I bought rice noodles all over town, any store that had anything that was safe to cook, we tried. More often than not, we wondered why we thought we needed noodles back in our diets. We finally settled on the Tinkyada brand for anything “noodle”, and they are okay. They cook up well and hold their shapes and do whatever job a noodle needs to do… and frankly I am happy to have the option. It’s beginning to look a lot like mac and cheese season, and we need noodles!! But, they are still different enough that the gluten eaters in the house (that I still have to cook for) won’t touch the rice noodles. Well, they will eat them, they just aren’t real happy about the experience. Whatever.

Enter the Barilla brand gluten free pasta box into the noodle challenge.

Done. These are great noodles. They cook and look and taste just like “real” pasta. AND!!! The resident gluten eater said that if I hadn’t told him they were GF, that he wouldn’t have been able to tell.

Done. We have a new pasta brand!!! In. The. House. yay




Eat Local

These peaches are picked locally in the morning and delivered same day. Eat local. It tastes better.

I have been exploring several locally grown vegetable farms and trying them, off and on to see which one suits my schedule. The CSA sounds like a great idea.. but they are usually on a very limited pick up schedule, so just purchasing various weekly available things from the farmer’s market seems to be a better option, for now. There are several options for local food, to purchase in my neighborhood.

  • CSA – several to choose, each with varying delivery/pickup days and locations
  • farmer market- there are three, the big one downtown, the one on Saturday mornings, and the one that is open T-S 9-3 and it’s only 2 miles from my house!
  • farmer roadside: just a pickup or two on the side of the road selling veggies – most days, if you know where to look.
  • Co-op: with a Wednesday afternoon 4-6 delivery site that is kind of close – but you have to order online on Sunday and then remember to go pick it up on Wednesday… not exactly convenient. Delicious.. but not convenient.

So, we have options… delicious options. Here’s to SUMMER!!


Giant Sweet Potatoes

Egads. The sweet potatoes are taking over the planet! These things are ginormous!

I am used to shopping at the generic grocery store and purchasing sweet potatoes that are usually the size of my hand. So, when I was placing my order with the co-op veggie people this week, I thought I would try some of their sweet potatoes.

This is what I got:

One potato, two potato...

Note: those are quarters in the picture next to the potatoes.

Cubed and boiled up in the largest stockpot I have. So, in the end it was 8 cups of mashed sweet potato ready to eat, or use in a recipe. Yummy.


CELIAC- things I find useful

Here is a list of things that *help* .   Having them say “Go gluten free, and good luck with that” at the doctor’s office was not helpful. At all. Ever. Still not very helpful over there at doctor central, so I wrote this out for them to give to their newly diagnosed persons.

This list IS helpful. Pass it on.


  • –Gluten Intolerance Group– – they have a lot of handouts that you can reprint

  • –
  • –Unendingly helpful book: Recognizing Celiac Disease, Cleo Libonati


  • -Very helpful book: Celiac Disease, Peter Greene, MD
Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University
Harkness Pavilion
180 Fort Washington Avenue
New York New York 10032

–Best magazine:

-Best cookbook: You Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free– Roben Ryberg

–More cookbooks, anything by Bette Hageman

–Helpful: Gluten Free, For Dummies. (sadly, it’s pretty helpful) – they put out a free newsletter that lists mainstream products that are gluten free….. very helpful. has 4,000 products in their online store listed as gluten free

Betty Crocker released 4 new mixes in the baking section, 2 cakes, 1 cookie mix and a brownie mix., all gluten free. And delicious.

–Chex cereals have gone gluten free as of June 2009: Rice Chex and Chocolate Chex as well as Honey-Nut, Strawberry, and Cinnamon Chex are now *safe*


I heart rollwiches

Anytime we go out to lunch with the girls… I am faced with about 15 wrap sandwich choices or maybe a deli sandwich that I can deconstruct, sometimes soup.. or a bowl of fruit. Bleah. Expensive food I can’t eat anyway.. so why try?

Who needs to *eat out* when *eating in* is tastier? Well.. I do like to get out, but *eating out* is not really an option anymore. I guess I could take my lunch and just order for the wheat eaters…. hmmm… I should try that.

Anyway. I heart rollwiches. Sometimes known as “wraps”- they always come with a wheat tortilla. Now they don’t have to!! (see my previous post on tortillas).  I love my new food.

  • 1 GF tortilla
  • 4 thin slices Boar’s Head Hard Salami
  • 4 slices Boar’s Head Pepperoni
  • handful of shredded mozzarella cheese
  • bits of butter lettuce to taste

Assemble everthing except the lettuce and zap it in the microwave until the cheese is slightly melty. Place lettuce on top, and roll as tightly as possible. Let cool a little.


It can’t be easier. It can’t be tastier. I just hope it’s portable for roadtrips.


Oats are out!

Oh. my. goodness. No. Not ever.

I can’t eat oats ever again… or wheat apparently… or whatever else it is on “the” list.

Yikes. “Challenge wheat for 7 days” says the doctor for the upcoming test on Monday. My first reaction was”are you crazy? it makes me sick!” then I thought about it.. sure, okay fine… screw up my intestines one more time for old times sakes… let them find all the stupid damage they want to find and *poof*, I’ll be a certified celiac. Gimmeeeeeee a break. I already know all gluten makes me feel totally out of whack – so lets prove it on a test. fine. whatever.

I tried to sneak some gluten into my day at home and actually… there isn’t any here. I have cleaned out the cupboards so well that we only had a loaf of wheat bread. Not noodles, not cookies, not anything recognizable as “test wheat”. So I went out.

Yes. so I went out for a gluten laden lunch yesterday. Ate the whole extra large sandwich. Immediately felt unwell.

Scarfed down a handful of those yummy new Cheetos crackers. Wow are they good with all their yummy MSG, dairy, wheaty goodness. Actually, I can’t believe I used to eat this stuff.

As I TRIED to fall asleep last night, I could feel the burning -actually painful- intestines churning away at the garbage that I had eaten. ::::sigh:::: yeah, I need a test to tell me this is bad for me.

 And then, to further punish myself….I had oatmeal for breakfast- and I felt like I needed to throw up.  (Note: UPDATE: the “gluten free” oats also made me violently ill when attempted in July. At least I tried the alternative oats too. :::::::::sigh::::::: good thing WF is nice about returns!)

Really disturbing couple of days actually. I finally ate some vegetables this afternoon to chase out the other gluten laced things. I hope I feel better tonight.

Bleah. I hope they find a billion flattened villi on Monday. My luck, though, it will be “questionable results”.

I don’t think I can stand the excitement.


Rotating menus

Wow. I didn’t think I would get sick of my spicy lamb meatball curry.. but after three days of eating the leftovers, I am getting really tired of it. Oh well.

Back to the rotating menus.

What I was doing before was easy enough, I’ll just go back to that. I set up a spreadsheet for the week and listed Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks across the top.

Then we just plugged in the various recipe ideas and planned for leftovers to go in the freezer to rotate later. It was easier to see what the grocery list really should have on it rather than wander the store aimlessly trying to concoct menus off the store shelves.  This is impossible to do anymore because of all the restrictions, but old habits are hard to break. “oh, that looks good. I’ll just throw that into the basket and keep shopping” … um.. not anymore without reading the label first. LOL

I actually go to seven different grocery stores, because NONE of them carries the whole line of gluten free, egg free, corn free, soy free everything that I need to create food in this house. Some of it, like coconut milk from the international market I stock up on once a month or so, and so “no ” I don’t actually go to seven grocery stores every week!-  that would be crazy. I just stock up on what each one of them has that works here, and get the fresh veggies once a week. More like that. I can’t wait for the farmer’s market season to open!!!

It is actually getting easier, but keeping a running record of what I do eat along with  the planning ahead menu chart is the only way I can keep it sane. Well, sane enough for me anyway. Your mileage may vary.

The best thing that I have done really is keep track of what recipes work in a large three ring binder.  Some of them just don’t work out. Or they were gross. So it’s a work in progress. Like the muffins that are new this week. That’s a keeper recipe! 

So I keep the recipe until the ingredients cannot be found. What is up with the guar gum anyway? The “how to be corn free” stuff keeps mentioning using guar gum as a replacement for xanthan gum (which is based on corn)……….. where on the planet is this stuff located?? Four health food stores so far, and I am giving up the search for it. Maybe as a last resort, I’ll order some online. The shipping is ridiculous, but then I would have some anyway.

Just as a side note… Plumgood foods – online grocery store that DELIVERS… actually carries the enjoylife choc. chips that I have been looking for!! six months at the store? or two minutes online… let me think. And they deliver. Whoo!