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Eggs. Nope. I don’t think so.

Eggs are delicious. There is nothing better for breakfast than a fabulously poached egg in just enough vinegar in the water simmering on the stove. Served on buttered toast….aaahhhhh the breakfasts of the past. I miss them.

The deviled egg served on the appetizer plate is the most likely culprit of my after Thanksgiving distress every year. It’s the only time I eat them except the picnic on Memorial Day. And yep, distress then too. So I am not surprised in the least to have found that I am deathly allergic to eggs. Of course I craved them. Of course I put them in every casserole, cake, cookie or anything baked, and just boiled them and ate them plain sprinkled with salt for a snack, or in my lunch. I even have a lunchbox salt shaker just for sprinkling on eggs ::::sigh:::::

 It’s what we do. The cookbook says 2 eggs, well then, we just crack them on in to the mix.

But now that I have a decidedly different outlook on eggs and have a clear understanding of what exactly they do to me… (hives and coma: sleep like there is no tomorrow and cannot wake up) … Well then, I can do without them. Thank you very much. Except they are in everything. Well… almost. Why do gluten free cookies at the store insist on also using eggs as an ingredient. why. why why. Of course that means if I am to have anything like cookies ever again, I have to make them myself.

So to invent eggs in baked goods is a interesting experiment. I have tried every possible way to enhance the “egg” look in bread, or cookies, and actually faking it is a good way to go. Just add a little butternut squash puree and it looks richer. There might be someone in the crowd who hates that it’s gluten free and will give you a bunch of grief about how they “need” their glutens, no one EVER asks if it’s egg free.

Ha.         (And for the record.. “gluten” is not a neccesary dietary addition. It’s just not. )

Here are ways that I replace one egg called for in a recipe:

  • Flax gel: 1 tablespoon ground flax meal +3 tablespoons hot water, let sit until the water is absorbed. When I use this in recipes, I also like to use the hand blender and whip the mixture with a teaspoon of the shortening or oil from the recipe and THEN add it to the batter. It really seems to make a difference in the final product.
  • fruit puree:  3 tablespoons =1 egg  I use this replacement in sweet recipes, cakes and cookies and puddings.
  • oil + water +baking powder +potato starch (exact measurements coming soon)
  • egg replacement powder off the shelf at the store   Use 1 1/2 teaspoons + 2 tablespoons of hot water and stir them together until frothy.
  • unflavored gelatin powder can replace egg-ness in a recipe too.

Normally I don’t use recipes that call for more than 2 eggs. If you find one you want to try that may need 3 eggs or more, try mixing up the replacements. Substitute one egg with flax gel and the other 2 eggs with the reconstituted egg replacement powder, for example.