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Fingerpuppet madness


Yes. Fingerpuppets.

Why this madness just before Christmas? welllllll because they are little and cute (?) and very portable. At least that’s the theory.

We’ll see. I hope that the two year old loves them, packs them around, keeps one in a pocket and plays crazy stories with them for a long time. I see many more fingerpuppet knitting hours in the near future. They take “no time” at all… well, not much anyway.  You just never know what is going to really happen. Uses up stray bits of yarn too. Yay.

This is the lion, the puppy and the whippo. The “whippo” (little gray one on the left) started out as a hippo, looks more like a wolf. Who knows? … so it’s a whippo and that’s just the way it is around here sometimes.

The lion, the puppy and the whippo.

The lion, the puppy and the whippo.

This is Bob. He is a Ninja, and my favorite fingerpuppet of all time.