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I grew up on the WEST COAST. … in the 60’s….::::gasp::: and, yes, I know some hippies. People who forty years ago started eating organic foods and living a cleaner lifestlye. HA! turns out that much of what the general west coast lifestyle screams about is turning out to be true for me. Drat. I will admit to actual wearing birks, and wearing organic cotton clothing.. but organic food? no. It’s a gimmic.. it’s expensive… blah blah… no, it’s my new reality. I can’t do preservatives. Or MSG, or a zillion other things.

I loved the years that I could cruise into fast food lanes and have my dinner handed to me out of that little window. But now, it turns out that the actual food value of those “value meals” is exceedingly low. Drat.

So back into the kitchen I go. ….. to cook endlessly from scratch, and back to the grocery store to search endlessly for food I can eat. I am really getting tired of reading labels on the backs of “food” products.

I have a new rule. If I can’t pronounce it- I don’t buy it. And if the list of “ingredients” is more than about five things… I don’t buy it either.


I don’t want to actually plant a garden… but I may have to.