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… and now, for something PINK

…..And now, for something PINK. In Haiku.

**Please note… this is only in the format of 5-7-5. This particular one is not a formal Haiku, even though it does invoke a season, and how one deals with the season. Thank you.**

It’s a hat.  A knit

hat for Lyla to wear for

the cold, wet winter.



What is it with wheat?

Gluten free blogging… so trendy. Unfortunately, for me completely necessary. Wheat makes me sick. So does anything dairy related. Oh, and also anything soy related, or seventeen other things formerly known as “food”…like eggs, corn, tomatoes, and anything else tasty.

Gluten, (masquarading as wheat, rye, barley or oats) makes me sick. So that means that anything that is manufactured and placed in a box at the market for sale I can’t eat. Oh, well… sure I can eat it- I just get violently ill if I do. So my life now consists of planning menus for myself and a usually a separate one for the rest of the family.

They just don’t always like “my food”.  But I HAVE to like it or starve. So they are eating heathier at least (like the ban on HFCS in my kitchen)

I am currently exceeding tired of rice noodles. :::sigh:::

I have a recipe file that is way too large, containing things I thought might work, combinations of spices to try. Whatever. It needs to be weeded out again.  LOL The last time I went through I got rid of anything that said “corn”.

Yep. That’s out too.

So I make all these lists… create menus and find edible recipes… and the dietician says to me… “you know more about this than anyone on the diet for 5 years.”

huh? well.. I thought I was paying for her advice. Turns out she wants mine. So here goes. I will be randomly adding recipes that don’t have all the things in them that I can’t eat….like all the top ten allergens known to man…. and random samplings of what I am knitting…. or any thoughts I have about cabbage.

I have had three doctors ask me what in the world I do eat. One of them had zero advice for me- other than saying that I should pray.

Um. sure. that is so helpful. thanks.

How about pointing me to the nearest farmer’s market instead! sheesh.

Have you ever seen a cabbage net? If you have please contact me. Thanks.