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What to do with the leftovers?

Christmas dinner for days. That’s the plan anyway. I think there are enough leftovers to make at least 3 more just “reheat it”  lunches/dinners. How can I reinvent ham and potatoes into other things. hmmmm… lessee….

There is enough at least to make:

  • ham and cheese sandwiches, grilled with lettuce and tomato on top
  • potato soup will morph from the leftover scalloped potatoes somehow- probably with some chicken stock and more onion
  • pea soup…. always a favorite.
  • Cabbage and potatoes is good with sausage – there is some of that too…….
  • the always popular bento box lunch of rice and rolled ham with a side of green beans

This was 10 pound spiral ham and probably 5 pounds of potatoes … and it’s going to last for weeks. (::::sigh:::::) Maybe I should do this more than once a year, and fill the freezer with pea soup. LOL.not.

Note to self: figure out how to make TVdinners that survive the freeze/reheat cycle. What container would work.     hmmmmm, something to figure out this week.  Those 1/2 cup Gladware containers are great for my lunches.. but I need something bigger for other people who troll the freezer  for food.

So if I add a cabbage to what is already in the fridge and cupboards – I can make any of those ideas and not have to buy any other groceries until the new year. Crazy.