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Being Veganistic

Vegan – vegetarian… hmmm. I am vegan by allergy, not by choice. (Egg/dairy)Mostly I am veganistic. 90% vegan, with occasional changes to test a recipe for the family and whatnot. Although I am sure that it’s the right thing to do for everyone and the planet and all that, my dietician person recommended that if I could include “some sort of” meat in my diet to some extent that I should do that, since I am so limited in other things that I can have.

So far, acceptable meats are pork and lamb. On occasion. Limited. Sometimes. Like once a month kind of deal. I am so leery of a reaction that I just don’t want to try it. (Don’t make me explain the reaction to the turkey at Thanksgiving… whoa.

Corn fed beasts are OUT!)

That’s it for the meat selections. And I have to work myself up to lamb. It’s not a meat that I grew up with, and it takes a definate learning/tasting curve to enjoy it. I have found that the spicier it is the better I like it, so that’s a plus. And I am learning to cook all over again. wheeeeeee. New recipes, new spices. fun fun fun…

Using ground pork is an easy substitute for ground beef, or turkey for things like tacos or casseroles. Only the one switch at the market and dinner looks the same. *Poof*

I really hate that they add “up to 12% solution” in the packaging of the stuff though. That really bugs me. What is in the solution anyway? gross.

So I am looking for an alternative to prepackaged ground pork. But there is just a limit to butchering an animal in the suburbs. Way out west? no problem, lay ’em out on my kitchen table and hack away at it. Used to fill my freezer every fall with former woodland-forest creatures. Butchering now? in the burbs? not so much.

Now that I think about it… All that venison saved me for years. Not only was it cheaper- it was more of a perfect (for my allergies) food. Organic meat. Deer eat grass. I am not allergic to grass as a foodstuff. Corn is a different problem.  I just didn’t know it until I “had to” buy meat at the market again. ick. It’s been ten years of trying to get used to it and I just can’t. I avoid store meat like the plague. All the recent recalls help to make the choice for the rest of the family too.

Hmmmmmmmmm…*note to self*…. Find a local hunter willing to give me some venison so we can go back to that maybe.

I think that I saw some wild bison or something in the meat case at the market. I might try that, but I am tired of buying “food” that no one here will try with a ten foot pole. Let them eat peanut butter and jelly! ha. They should just eat their veggies.