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Green Bean Pizza

GREEN BEANS??!?!?!? What? Well, yeah,…. but it also had onions and garlic and whatnot. And it was good. So there. You are just jealous that you didn’t think of it first : )

Sometimes there are brainstorms when cooking, this was more like cleaning out the bits of leftovers in the fridge, I hate to throw out perfectly good food. So while I was sauteeing the onion, and garlic I was poking around in the fridge for a lonely zucchini or squash or something.. and the small tupperware container of leftover greenbeans said “Add me!!” So I did. I am not usually so adventurous with random green vegetables… but this worked out just fine.

The pizza crust was brown rice and potato.

The sauce was a small amount of the original pizza sauce, because I only had 1/2 C left, and the rest of the sauce was pureed pinto beans thinned out with a little gluten free beer.

So let’s see.. the gluten free revolution/mandate has brought me to a pizza of rice, potato,lentil thickened tomato sauce, pinto beans, greenbeans, onions and garlic topped with GF pepperoni and pepperjack cheese. And it was good. I only wish I’d made more.

Don’t you wish you had spiffy pizza to go with your GF beer? ha.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

I went out to lunch with 5 friends yesterday. Really, really fun. We ordered a BBQ chicken flatbread as an appetizer. Mine is better. And gluten-free.

The flatbread that we ordered was tasteless, the toppings pretty skimpy, and although it looked exoctic… and it was also exoctically priced…it was just “okay”.

Here’s my version.

  • Rice/potato pizza crust,
  • Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce,
  • organic refried beans,
  • sauteed-carmelized white onion and 3 cloves of garlic,
  • BBQ chicken pieces,
  • cilantro is nice if you have it.(sprinkle it around on top)
  • Cheese is optional. If I HAVE TO have cheese, I just sprinkle a little bit of shredded mozzerella around on top before I bake it. Cheese is over rated.

BBQ Chicken: bake chunks of skinless-boneless chicken at 425 for 35 minutes covered in a glass pan. Drain any liquid that remains, and toss chicken pieces with Bull’s Eye Original BBQ sauce until well coated. Bake for 20 minutes uncovered, or until glazed.

Pizza crust: I have several “from scratch” bread recipes that work, but I  almost always use the ‘Nature’s Highlights’ frozen pizza crust I find in the freezer section at Whole Foods. Let it thaw out, brush it with a little oil and bake it for 5 minutes, then top it with BBQ sauce, refried beans, sauteed-carmelized onions/garlic, baked BBQ chicken, some cilantro and a little sprinkle of mozzerella if you want cheese.

Bake 8 minutes and slice and serve. Just like the lunch flatbread at the expensive lunch place, but better!