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Pumpkin pie? No I don’t think so.

Can’t have eggs… can’t have gluten(wheat/rye/oats/barley).

However, I must have pie with Thanksgiving dinner.

The plan is to make this one. But I have to test it before I serve it for “real”.

Here’s what it looked like out of the oven. Actually LOOKS like a pie.

It did fall a little bit. and it’s not remarkable in taste while still warm. Right now it’s in the fridge to mellow out before I taste it again.

Vegan- yes. Gluten free- yes. Tasty????? maybe-I am reserving judgement on that… I don’t think it’s going to be as good as what I remember… but then nothing ever is. (and….see update below)



NO!!! It’s just gross. Now it tastes like uncooked wacked out “pumpkin glue”. The pumpkin part and the spice part are fine. The TEXTURE is nasty. Don’t make this. I might monkey with the GF flour to make this more acceptable… but this was a definate NO. It’s that gross.

I let it sit in the fridge all afternoon to think about it’s fate. I threw it out. I feel better now.