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Rotating menus

Wow. I didn’t think I would get sick of my spicy lamb meatball curry.. but after three days of eating the leftovers, I am getting really tired of it. Oh well.

Back to the rotating menus.

What I was doing before was easy enough, I’ll just go back to that. I set up a spreadsheet for the week and listed Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks across the top.

Then we just plugged in the various recipe ideas and planned for leftovers to go in the freezer to rotate later. It was easier to see what the grocery list really should have on it rather than wander the store aimlessly trying to concoct menus off the store shelves.  This is impossible to do anymore because of all the restrictions, but old habits are hard to break. “oh, that looks good. I’ll just throw that into the basket and keep shopping” … um.. not anymore without reading the label first. LOL

I actually go to seven different grocery stores, because NONE of them carries the whole line of gluten free, egg free, corn free, soy free everything that I need to create food in this house. Some of it, like coconut milk from the international market I stock up on once a month or so, and so “no ” I don’t actually go to seven grocery stores every week!-  that would be crazy. I just stock up on what each one of them has that works here, and get the fresh veggies once a week. More like that. I can’t wait for the farmer’s market season to open!!!

It is actually getting easier, but keeping a running record of what I do eat along with  the planning ahead menu chart is the only way I can keep it sane. Well, sane enough for me anyway. Your mileage may vary.

The best thing that I have done really is keep track of what recipes work in a large three ring binder.  Some of them just don’t work out. Or they were gross. So it’s a work in progress. Like the muffins that are new this week. That’s a keeper recipe! 

So I keep the recipe until the ingredients cannot be found. What is up with the guar gum anyway? The “how to be corn free” stuff keeps mentioning using guar gum as a replacement for xanthan gum (which is based on corn)……….. where on the planet is this stuff located?? Four health food stores so far, and I am giving up the search for it. Maybe as a last resort, I’ll order some online. The shipping is ridiculous, but then I would have some anyway.

Just as a side note… Plumgood foods – online grocery store that DELIVERS… actually carries the enjoylife choc. chips that I have been looking for!! six months at the store? or two minutes online… let me think. And they deliver. Whoo!