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Stupid Sunscreen

The pool opened today. We got there the minute it was open. We applied the sunscreen we have used for YEARS to the child and turned her loose to swim to her hearts content.

Then my lip went numb. What? I realised that I was having a reaction. To what? I haven’t eaten anything!!!! So I went to watch my kid and think about what was happening.. was it my imagination that my lower lip was numb. And at that moment the lightbulb went on.

I was watching her, resting my chin on my hand. The same hand that had just smeared all the sunscreen. Hmmm. Hand. Lip. Sunscreen? maybe that was it since I haven’t had it out since last summer… maybe I was just reacting to the fragrance or something.

Went to wash my hands really well. Twice.

Then I read the ingredients listed on the back of the SPF 50.  Yep. Soy. Vitamin E big as life listed right there. Along with some other disturbing things, like “aluminum starch” ….ewwwwwwwwwwww

We need a new sunscreen. Or we swim in the dark all summer.